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Research and Innovation

exisTI is strongly committed to technological innovation because the company considers innovation a key instrument for maintaining and improving the competitiveness of its products, processes and services. Therefore exisTI dedicates every year substantial resources to research, technological development and innovation, as it is stated in the R&D plans that the company has developed since 2006.

Facing the challenges of growing competition and globalization exisTI has developed a third strategic plan of technological innovation (2013-2015) focused on the internationalization of the R&D activities of the company.

With this new approach to the innovation and technological development activities, exisTI aims to participate in innovation projects with a more ambitious scope and to collaborate with world-class organizations at the cutting-edge of research in our fields: software engineering and the development and operation of software applications for critical industrial processes.

exisTI is aware that international R&D activities help to open doors to future commercial opportunities, to share knowledge about the needs of customers in other geographic areas and to build brand awareness. This challenge will help exisTI to better adapt to the needs of customers and increasingly competitive markets which demand the optimization of the costs of provision of the services of the company.

In line with the strategic objectives of efficiency and effectiveness in the management of technology, an important part of the investment effort of the company is allocated to collaborative projects developed with other companies, universities or research centers. With this collaborations exisTI can be more effective in the development of innovations and the acquisition of new knowledge for the company , than working exclusively with its own resources.

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